MiMo ger by NAAD brand

To demise the unique game of the nomads with a the touches of the modern culture, introduce in international markets.

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MiMo ger by NAAD brand

MiMo ger is suitable for assembling with family and friends and presented as gifts and souvenirs

MiMo ger M30

Gorgeous ger with patterned white cover; contains furniture set, total 225 pieces, built-in lightning



Ger with patterned white cover; no furniture

20 cm diameter





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Shop location

Updated: 12/10/2022

NAAD brand office

Address: 501, 5th floor, Architecture Palace, Bolgar street-27, 8th khoroo, Sukhbaatar district ( near Ulaanbaatar ensemble building)

09:00 - 20:00 /Mo - Su: Everyday/
Phone: (+976) 77118844   /Free delivery in Ulaanbaatar/

Flower shop

"Morin Kuur - Art shop"

3-13 pavillion, 3th floor, Flower center
Phone number: 89636364


2nd floor of Zaisan Square shopping center

Phone: 77154554, 86064554, 86204554

E-Mart Chinggis

E-Mart Chinggis

"Made in Mongolia" shop, First floor of E-Mart Chinggis

Phone number: +976 7611 0101
Every day 09am-22pm

E-Mart Khoroolol

E-Mart Khoroolol

"Toy" shop, first floor of E-Mart Khoroolol

Phone number: +976 7611 0101
Every day 09am-22pm


Internom center
Address: Sukhbaatar district, 8th khoroo, Amar district 2, Office building of Internom LLC (In front of IT park)
Time table: 09:30-21:00, Sat:10:00-21:00

Peace Tower branch
Address: Sukhbaatar district, 3rd khoroo, Peace avenue, (opposite of Ulaanbaatar Department Store) Ulaanbaatar, 4th floor
Time table:11:00-20:00

Soman branch
Address: Bayanzurkh district, 13th district, Somang plaza, 1st floor
Time table: 10:00 - 20:00

Galleria Souviner  Store Galleria Ulaanbaatar Department Store 
(Behind the Sukhbaatar square)
Phone: 11 345225
"Internom" Shangri-La
#306, 3rd floor, Shangri-La mall, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Time table: 10:00 AM - 09:00PM


“Since our commencement, we have strived to meet international standard in our product manufacturing and other aspects of our operations”

S.Saikhanbayar Founder and Executive Director of NAAD brand

NAAD brand is a Mongolian national brand aiming to compete in the global markets by introducing the nomadic game with redevelopments of the modern times.


Advantages of the MiMo ger

  • Life like feeling as the MiMo ger is the 11 times reduced version of the Mongolian ger with 4 lattice walls
  • Significant gift to infuse the nomadic culture and lifestyle
  • Easy assembly of the MiMo ger and its furniture by the guidebook available both in English and Mongolian
  • Fancy gift for foreign friends
  • Portable packaging for easy transportation
  • Can be used as a souvenir or a game
  • The Mongolian ger is highly valued intellectual artifact that has been formed 3000 years ago and the MiMo ger is the significant gift that highlights the nomadic culture and lifestyle.
  • The MiMo ger is equipped with lighting in the Hearth which allows full sight inside the ger.
  • Significant for informing youths and children of their culture and legacy and the MiMo ger with furniture has been explained in details of the the symbolism
  • The backbone of the ger is made with plastic therefore not breakable



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