There are two main purposes of the

My name is Saikhanbayar, I am the CEO of "Taliin Ezen" Company. I'm also one of the inventors and founders of the "NAAD" brand. The first product of the "NAAD" brand is the "MiMo Ger", which is an abbreviation for "Minii Mongol Ger" (My Mongolian Ger) in Mongolian and "Mini Mongolian Ger" in English.
There are two main purposes of the "MiMo Ger". First is to introduce the historical and unique Mongolian Ger, which dates back to 3,000 years ago, to the rest of the world. Also, to leave for the younger generation. So actually, the first and main purpose is for the younger generation, for our kids to know the Ger and how to assemble it since they've probably only seen it. They might not know how and people tend to not be interested in things they don't know, so we built the Ger in toy form to attract the younger generations in understanding the Ger and continuing traditions.
The second purpose is to introduce the Ger globally. We all know Mongolians are known as nomads and we are the descendants of nomads. And when you visit the nomads in the steppes, the most valuable asset is the Ger. Mongolians are interconnected with the Ger therefore we want to introduce it to the rest of the world. "The Ger is Mongolian" is what we proudly want to announce. This is why the second purpose is to showcase the Ger to the world. The make is in an assemble, lego-like form, lightweight and mimics the exact steps and parts of an actual Mongolian Ger.