Ger, Mongolian traditional dwelling is a portable round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads since 3,000 years ago.

In order to inherit Mongolian ger to future generations and spread nomadic culture worldwide, founders of "Naad" brand conducted a survey on ger for three years and released their first product earlier this month, which is called MiMo, a plastic construction toy.

MiMo ger is 11 times reduced version of an actual fully furnished Mongolian ger which weighs only 900 grams and consists of 225 pieces. Mimo is made by safe plastics for foods, felt, cotton, ropes, and cardboard. Packing for the toy also complies with international standard. Also, it is followed by a guidance book which describes everything used in ger. 

"Some people might think that everyone is a nomad. However, we, Mongolians are the only nation who preserved our nomadic lifestyle, culture, and tradition until today. Every foreign tourist coming to Mongolia wants to visit a "ger". After visiting, they wonder how to assemble it. Thus, we came up with the idea to make ger construction toy. Our goal is not only selling but also promoting nomad style through "ger", says the founder of Naad brand S.Saihanbayar. 

He added that 85 percent of our total sales were from foreigners. Currently, we are selling our products online. We are trying to improve our first product based on comments and feedback of our customers. Further, we are planning to open our brand store and create a series of products that show Mongolian life and culture. 

The “MiMo” ger is a perfect gift for family and friends as they assemble and dismantle it together, not only forming a bond but also boosting their creativity.

For more info on the MiMo construction toy which is to promote nomadic style to the world, please click HERE or contact at 77118844. For reservation, please visit (English is available).